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How To Lay Turf To Give You a Perfect Lawn   Leave a comment

Turf laying is relatively simple and can certainly be carried our by any home owner with time to spare. Laying the Turf yourself can save you money and in many cases, you will do a better job than a hasty gardener, working on a set price.

 The most important step in laying your new lawn is to ensure the ground is prepared well. To do this you should brake down the top couple of inches of soil to a fine tilth. Rake the soil with a wide landscapers rake, removing any large rocks or debris. Tread the area in with your feet before raking again. You may need to use a smaller rake to scrub any hard lumps. Repeat the raking and treading until the area is perfectly flat and firm.

 Now you have prepared your area, you can start to lay your turf. Start laying along the longest straight edge or if the garden does not have any long straight edge to work from, you can lay your own straight row through the middle of the area. Once you have laid one straight row, place planks or boards on top of the turf so that you can walk on the planks/boards to avoid making pits in the turf or soil. To start the second row, you should cut a turf in half so that the turf joints are staggered. Make sure that you but the edges of the turf together tightly but do not overlap them. Continue to lay your turf row by row and at the end of each row you can cut your turf to fit the area with a sharp knife or an edger. Once your area is completely covered in turf, water it immediately until it is moist all the way through the turf to the soil below. Continue to water twice a day for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you can mow your new lawn and providing the area dry, you can use your lawn immediately. (It will take a further few weeks to get a good root structure so don’t use the lawn if it’s wet or if the ground feels soft.)


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